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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Will Dr. Popovics schedule a talk at my workplace, church, or other group?
A: Absolutely! Just call Christina or Laniece at (208) 476-7091 and they will schedule it for you based on the Doctor's availability.  

Q: When am I given exercises to do?
A: You will be given specific postural exercises at your re-evaluations. These are given in sets of 2 so that you are not overwhelmed with too many things at once.

Q: Where did my adjustment protocol come from?
A: Your care plan is based on research of several thousand patients who have been through similar spinal corrective care using the most published and peer reviewed protocols. Each adjustment builds on the last, and there is a cumulative effect over time.

Q: How long do I need to be adjusted 3 times per week?
A: This applies only if you are on a corrective care plan. After your 1st post x-ray, we will be able to determine how much your spine has changed, and how well you are holding your adjustments. As your hold your adjustments longer, you should need to be adjusted less frequently.

Q: What happens at the end of my recommended corrective care period?
A: Your care plan term is an estimation based on others your age, activity level, and spinal health. When your spine is either 100% perfect (sometimes that is not a possibility depending on the amount of degeneration present), or when we see that your spine stops changing positively, the doctor will make a recommendation for continued spinal maintenance. The reason your spine was in poor health initially, is because you may not have sufficiently maintained your spine in the past. It would not be wise to invest the time and money in your care plan if you did not maintain your spine after correction is achieved.

Q: How do payment plans work?
A: If you qualified for a payment plan for your care plan, you are paying full fee for all of your care until your case fee is met. Your payment does not necessarily equal full payment for the total care you receive for any given month. You are being allowed to average your cost for care over a several month period. After your case fee is met, some or all of your services may be gifted to you, but it is the balance on your account that you will be participating for.

Q: Can I traction before my adjustment?
A: You will receive the most benefit from tractioning after your adjustment because your spine will be in a healthier position than before your adjustment. 

Q: Can I get adjusted any time of the day?
A: The office schedule is very efficiently laid out so that there is minimal waiting in the office. The doctor gives his best adjustments when he is focused on just adjusting; therefore we have specific times during the day when only adjusting occurs in the office. Likewise, there are specific times when the doctor just gives reports or just does x-rays. This keeps the doctor focused on doing one task at a time in a focused manner. This also prevents you from having to wait for him to finish giving a report before your adjustment. You will always get the best adjustment possible when the doctor is just focused on adjusting. We always schedule longer and more time intensive consultations during non-adjusting hours.

Q: How many adjustments can I miss during my corrective care program?
A: ZERO! Every adjustment builds on the last. Every single missed adjustment can set you back as much as a week in your care program.

Q: Should I get adjusted when I am sick?
A: Absolutely! Recent research with bloodwork shows that immune cell function will increase by up to 400% for several hours after a chiropractic adjustment! Your immune system is controlled by your nervous system, and your adjustments help strengthen your nervous system function by taking stress off your spinal cord and spinal nerves.

Q: Do I need x-rays?
A: Medical necessity dictates that a doctor x-ray any area of a patient that presents with a point of pain.  This is especially true in the event of any potential neurologcal involvement including numbness, tingling, or muscle weakness. Dr. Popovics does believe strongly in individual liberty and free will, and any patient may opt out of any such recommendation for x-ray, but may be asked to sign a waiver to release him and the office from any liability that may arise from not taking all diagnostic precautions.

Q: What if I need a referral to another chiropractor when I travel?
A: There are many other chiropractors across the country that are like minded.
We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to Dr. Popovics.